Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1. Has my loan been purchased by Shelby?
  • 2. Has Shelby bought the WageDayAdvance and Juo Loans brand names?
  • 3. Can you transfer my loan without my permission?
  • 4. What should I do next?
  • 5. Will I incur further interest and charges?
  • 6. When will I be contacted further?
  • 7. Where can I access further information?
  • 8. Will my credit history be affected if I have been unable to make my regular payments against my loan, following the administration?

Creditors and potential redress claims

  • 9. How do I know if I am entitled to claim redress?
  • 10. How will redress claims be calculated?
  • 11. How can I make a claim against the Companies?
  • 12. I made a complaint against CTL before it entered administration – what happens to my complaint?
  • 13. Can I make a new complaint against the Companies in relation to previous loans?
  • 14. When will I be contacted further?
  • 15. When will I receive a payment against my claim?
  • 16. How much will I receive from my claim?
  • 17. Why has a provisional adjustment been applied to my outstanding loan balance?
  • 18. When will I be notified if I have a redress adjustment on my account?
  • 19. How has my adjustment been calculated?
  • 20. Why is this adjustment provisional?
  • 21. When will this adjustment be finalised?
  • 22. How will provisional balance adjustments be applied?
  • 23. Will I receive a payment in respect of my redress claim?
  • 24. Will I receive a refund if my provisional balance adjustment has reduced my CTL outstanding loan balance to nil?
  • 25. Do I have to repay my loan if I may be entitled to redress?
  • 26. Why are provisional balance adjustments not available for SRC customers?

Joint Administrators’ proposals

  • 27. How can I obtain a paper copy of the proposals by post?
  • 28. How often will you contact me in future?
  • 29. I cannot access my email statement, claim form or voting form
  • 30. I want to change details on my claim form or voting form?
  • 31. I have submitted my claim form but want to amend it – can I do so?
  • 32. I have missed the deadline for voting on the proposals – can I still vote?
  • 33. I haven’t been contacted to suggest I have a claim, but I think I do have – what should I do?
  • 34. I was a supplier to CTL – how can I vote on the proposals?


Useful Information